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Being in shape was never an issue for me, what was remarkable though was how Coach Geo was able to make a good body even greater, with his exclusive training programs and great nutritional tips. He helped me not only get stronger but, I actually became leaner than before. I will forever run to Geo when I need workout tips or information to improve the way I look. I cannot wait to receive my next online training workout G.

Arkeif Robinson
competitive lifter/model

In the world of entertainment having a tight figure is very important to have any success. Whenever I need to a workout routine to jump start my metabolism or to get leaner for a photo or appearance I go to Geo.  He's simply the best at getting people results no matter where they are. Thanks Geo = -)

Tina Powis

"Training with Geo was definitely a fun experience. I never thought I could workout as hard as we did and have fun at the same time. Most workout programs are boring but his is anything but that."

Nancy V. 
Accounts Receivable

My workout before Geo was great, at least so I thought until I was introduced to Geo’s principles of training. He showed me ways to improve my workout, with his detailed research and dietary analysis, innovative workout plans. I can’t thank him enough for what I learned from him.

Adewale O.

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